Monday, March 27, 2017

TYW 1626, The Pikeman´s Lament AAR

Here are some pictures and a short AAR from a playtest game of The Pikeman´s Lament. Jesper comanded his Danes and my son David commanded my Spanish and of 32 points each.
The minis are all multibased at 28mm FoGr bases, i.e 60mm width.

OOB Danes
1 Pike @ 4 points
2 Shot @ 4 Points each
2 Elite Trotters @ 6 points each
2 Trotters @ 4 points each

OOB Spanish
2 Veteran Pike @ 6 Points each
4 Shot @ 4 points each
1 Field gun @ 6 points

The Spanish deployed all their troops on a line with the Field guns in the center covering the bridge. The Danes was advansing in along the two roads to the bridge...

Danish Pike ans Shot...

...decide to leave the road and advance forward the stream to cross it in the the field on the opposite side...

The best of the best in the Danish company, Elite Trotters...

...already taking heavy fire from the Spanish Field Gun...

The Spanish Infantry makes a general advance...

The Danish Trotters advance behind the Elite Trotters and they all seems to awoid the bridge... 

The Spaniards contiue their advance and on their right flank they reach a good defensive possition at a fence... just to let the Danes advance in to the killing ground...

...might there be a Spanish field gun intimidating them...

The Danish Pike and Shot crossing the stream

The Danish Elite Trotters at last manage to cross the stream... 

...despite facing the Spanish field gun the Danish Trotters decide to take the quick rout across the bridge...

...overfald drenge! dræbe onde katolikker...

some how the Spanish commander decided it was a really good idee to leave the defencive possition at the fence and advance in to the open field... least they got the chance to fire of their first salvo at long range...

...not even a hit in the Danish banner...

...better luck for the Spanish Shot by the bridge that manage to decimate one of the Danish with 50% ... they started to run back to the bridge..."mom redde mig!"

a solid Spanish Defence...

...The Spaniards in teh field seems to have made the right decission as due to their long range fire they have stalled the Danish advance across the stream...

...the Spanish shot even manage to get a few hits...

On the Spanish left flank the Pike form close order as the Danish Elite Trotters are caracoling at the Spanish shot...that had advanced a bit to much to be propperly protected by the pikes...

...unfortunate for the Danes their pistol powder seems to have been wet when crossing the stream...

The Danish Pikes form Close Order and plan to attack one of the Spanish shot units that are shooting at the Spanish Trotters by the bridge...

...of course the Danish plan are detected by the Spanish Pikes...

Both of the Danish Trotters are on the run, the Elite Trotters are depleated and the Spaniards havent taken much casualties at all...

The Danish Pikes decide that it is a good ideea to charge the Veteran Spanish Pikes in Close Order...

The Spanish Veteran Pike manage to do as much more damage to the Danish Pikes that they start to flee... with 12 points of the Danish Company out of the battle the danes decided to retreat to save their remaining troops...

This was a very entertaining game, both commanders made some mistakes but non of them had yet played to many games of The Pikeman´s Lament at the time.

Happy gaming !

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My first article in Wargames Illustrated :)

I been fortunate enought to get an article published in Wargames Illustrated, look out for Issue  354 published in April. 

Thanks to my matey Jan (master terrain builder for our Salute projects) indefatigably work with WI to get in a couple of his terrain articles, they also added my article in the same issu as Jan´s terrain building articles regarding his stunning Viking ships and making of whater to our Salute 2016 Salute game "Battle at Foteviken 1134". I think we got 8 pages in total with our articles of the Foteviken game.

Thank you also to Alan that took some stunning close-up pictures of our Foteviken game, you can see a couple of them in the article as well as a small one on the front cover. Thank Alan !

In the same Issue you can also read 4 pages about The Pikemans Lament, my and Dan Merseys Pike and Shot rules published by Osprey,

I and Jan are running a demonstration game using The Pikeman´s Lament rules at salute 2017, hope to see you there.

Salute floor plan, see us at GA12

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

WIP - terrain for Fort Mosquito at Salute 2017

Jan our Master terrain builder are working on the terrain for our The Pikeman´s Lament Demo game at Salute 2017, Fort Mosquito.

Abow a first concept map of the terrain that Jan have drawn and ome WIP pictures of the build of a Dutch Ship (Kalmar Nyckel) and the Swedish "Fort Mosquito"

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Updated Exotic Army List for The Pikeman´s Lament

Some weeks ago I noticed a comment about a fellow gamer that would use his Indian Mughal minis for the Pikeman´s Lament, as I didn´t know much about them I just had to read up a bit, while I was on it I put together a bunch of army lists for some of the conflicts in India during the 17th century. I by no means claim to be an expert in the area so please use them as inspiration and change them if you feel I missed something or used the wrong names for the troops. Anyway I hope you will have a good time in India with your War elephant...

I updated our Exotic Army list file with the Indian Lists, you can download them here: Exotic Army Lists for The Pikeman´s Lament 2.0

WARS IN INDIA 1600-1700
3 Shot @ 4 points each (Sepoy Infantry)
1 Gallopers @ 4 points (Sowar cavalry)
1 Dragoons @ 4 points (Ahadis cavalry)
1 Regimental gun @ 4 points (Rocket artillery)

INDIAN AHOM KINGDOM (Ahom-Mughal Conflicts 1615-1682)
2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each (Sepoy Infantry with bows)
2 Raw Trotters @ 3 points each (Sowar cavalry)
2 Elite Trotter @ 6 points each (War Elephant)

INDIAN MARATHA EMPIRE (Mughal–Maratha Wars 1681-1707)
3 Raw Aggressive Gallopers @ 3 Points each (Light Sowar cavalry)
2 Raw Trotters @ 3 points each (Sowar cavalry)
1 Field gun @ 6 points (Rocket artillery)

PERSIAN SAFAVID EMPIRE (Safavid-Mughal Wars, 1622-1653)
3 Trotters @ 4 points each (Ghulām Cavalry)
2 Veteran Shot @ 6 points each (Tufangchiyān Musketeers)

EUROPEAN COLONIAL POWERS (English, Dutch and Portuguese Trad Companies, for example the English East India Company during Child´s War 1686-1690)
1 Veteran Forlorn Hope @ 8 points (European Soldiers)
1 Aggressive Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (European Sailors with a bad temper)
1 Regimental Gun @ 4 points (European sailors with small naval gun)
2 Raw Shot @ 3 points each (Hired Indian Sepoy Infantry)

1 Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (Tibetan Monks with bows)
1 Forlorn Hope @ 6 points (Tibetan Marksmen with matchlock musket with bipod)
2 Raw Trotters @ 3 points (Tibetan bow and musket armed cavalry)
1 Veteran Dragoons @ 6 points (Step Warriors from the Mongol Zungar Empire)

NAMGYL DYNASTY OF LADAKH (Tibet–Ladakh–Mughal War 1679-1684)
2 Forlorn Hope @ 6 points each (Mountain warriors from Punjab)
2 Commanded Shot @ 2 points each (Ladakh Tribal bowmen)
2 Shot @ 4 points each (Sepoy Infantry from the Mughal Allies)

Thursday, March 9, 2017


I have just got the two resin Longboats I ordered from Games of War that costed me £10 each.

I like them very much, they are quite big, measures 20.4cm (8") in length and is 6.8cm (2.67") wide, so I will be able to fit in a bunch of minis from the Dutch Landing party for our Salute game Fort Mosquito in to them as well as rowers.

Below some pictures, I added a mini with a round 25mm base so you get a feel for the size of the longboats.